Hearing Aids Solutions

Embedded SDK of Hearing Algorithms

We have developed and implemented our hearing aids algorithms in embedded software. The algorithms are like WDRC (24 and 32 channels), noise reduction, feedback management, etc. 

Our SDK can run on the general-purpose SoC platforms such as QCOM, BESTech and Actions. By integrating our hearing algorithms with these SOC, we deliver hearing AoC (Application on Chip)  for hearing aids and personal wearable devices manufacturers to design and produce the hearing aids and hearing assistive devices.

Hearing Aids Hardware Solutions

Based on our hearing embedded SDK, we can work together with hearing manufactures to design and produce complete medical devices of:

Prescribed hearing aids: for moderate to severe hearing loss (up to 45 dB gain) people, in RIC and TWS styles.

OTC hearing aids: for mild to moderate hearing loss (up to 25 dB gain) people, in TWS style. 

About OTC Hearing Aids

The Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017 (OTC Hearing Aid Act) was a law passed by the 115th US Congress. It created a class of hearing aids regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) available directly to consumers without involvement from a licensed professional (like an audiologist, otolaryngologist, or audiometrist). FDA regulations for this new class of hearing aid was released by the Oct, 2022.