Hearing Aids APP

Hearing Aid APP

Our App offers both hearing tests and hearing aid functions. Using the power of your smartphone, you can access all our latest technologies with maximum sound amplification -- and you only need a simple headset to begin using them.

Hearing Aid SDK

Our hearing aid software is offered in an SDK format as well, which enables smart phone manufacturers to add hearing aid functions to their products at the application layer or at the chipset of the phone.

Our hearing aid APP comes with SDK, and allows users to run the hearing test and phone configurations.

Functions and Features

Our app allows you to turn your phone into a pocket-style hearing aid, and you only need a simple bluetooth headset to use it. If you use a wired headset, acoustic amplification can go up to 25 dB.

Based on the results of your audiometry, our software will process external noises through a multi-channel loudness compensation and noise reduction. In your day-to-day life, you can expect that background noise will decrease, and that the intelligibility of speech and dialogue will increase.

Users can adjust the parameters of the app in accordance to volume, circumstances, and preference.