Software-Defined Hearing

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Hearing Aid Solutions 


-Algorithm Solution

Lyra OS Trinity hearing platform is based on the idea of software defined hearing. Combining Lyratone AI hearing algorithms and 12nm high performance computing chip, this hearing platform achieve a high-definition listening experience.


-PCBA Chipset Solution

The LyraCore PCBA dolution is an integration for hearing  algorithms, embedded applicatuons, and bluetooth chips. It can adapt to various appearance, with high customization, short lead time and support  Bluetooth with sound gain connectivity to smart device.


-Turnkey Solution

Lyratone offers multiple choices of hearing aids for  our clients. Bring about a high-quality hearing experince by intergrating AI+ sound signal processing algorithms and acoustic structure. Lyratone seek to cater to your needs and expectations for your hearing aids.

Lyratone Products

Software-Defined Hearing

Software-Defined Hearing refers to creating a more flexible and customizable hearing aid that can adapt to different types of hearing impairments and various environmental conditions through software control and rapid dynamic updates. 

Unlike traditional hearing aids that rely on ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology, where hearing functions are embedded within the integrated circuit, Software-Defined Hearing abstracts these hearing functions from ASIC into a software layer. This paradigm shift enables the control of the hearing process through software rather than hardware configuration.

By leveraging software characteristics, the Software-Defined Hearing architecture offers enhanced flexibility in performance improvement, open integrations, and cost efficiency compared to its hardware-centric counterparts.

Hearing aid algorithm 

Fine-tuned personalized hearing compensation, amplifying soft sounds while suppressing loud ones. Clear sound without causing ear damage.

Hearing test

Through testing conducted by the China National Institute of Metrology, accurate hearing curves are drawn for each individual.


Data-driven product optimization and multidimensional integration, bridging the cloud computing layer, collecting and analyzing data. 

User experience 

Tailored to individual needs, preferences, and hearing conditions, achieving a super personalized listening experience. 

The Practice of Software-defined Hearing