Hearing aid solutions 

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As a solution provider and hearing aid manufacture, we seek to cater to your needs and expectations for your hearing aid. We provide multiple solutions including LyraOS algorithms solution, LyraCore PCBA board solution, LyraHearing turnkey solution and fitting app solution. Lyratone is ready to bring our client a quick start to the hearing health category.


-Algorithm Solution

Lyra OS Trinity hearing platform is based on the idea of software defined hearing. Combining Lyratone AI hearing algorithms and 12nm high performance computing chip, this hearing platform achieve a high-definition listening experience.


-PCBA Chipset Solution

The LyraCore PCBA dolution is an integration for hearing  algorithms, embedded applicatuons, and bluetooth chips. It can adapt to various appearance, with high customization, short lead time and support  Bluetooth with sound gain connectivity to smart device.


-Turnkey Solution

Lyratone offers multiple choices of hearing aids for  our clients. Bring about a high-quality hearing experince by intergrating AI+ sound signal processing algorithms and acoustic structure. Lyratone seek to cater to your needs and expectations for your hearing aids.