Hearing Aid

PCBA Chipset Solution

The LyraCore PCBA solution is an integration for hearing algorithms, embedded applications, and Bluetooth chips. It can adapt to various appearance, with high customization, short lead time, guaranteed hearing aid effects, and support Bluetooth with sound gain connectivity to smart device.

High Quality Hearing Experience 

Based on the LyraOS computing platform, our AI+ sound signal processing algorithms and fitting prescription had been proved by  200000+  users. With the inergration of algorithms and acoustic structure, Lyratone are able to provide high-quality hearing experience for our consumer.

Highly customizable functions

Multiple chip choices include BES 2500/2700, Actions Bluetooth Audio SoC and Qualcomm 51xx series.

Variety embedded user operations include double tap, triple tap, ear entry detection and fall detection.

Diversified fitting solutions: fitting-free(with preset), self-fitting app and remote professional fitting software.

Adapt to various appearances

Adapt to various appearances and highly customized functions, Lyratone is able to help you enrich the product line and meet market demand in a short period of time.

Short lead time range

With professional one-stop PCBA design, processing, and quality management system, Lyratone may quickly mass produce high-quality PCBA modes. Lead time can be made within 2 months at the earliest.