Hearing Aid

Turnkey Solution

Lyratone offers multiple choices of hearing aids for our clients. Bring about a high-quality hearing experience by intergrating AI+ sound signal processing algorithms and acoustic structure. From preconfigured devices to customizable solutions, Lyratone seek to cater to your needs and expectations for your hearing aid.

Multiple and customizable product line

Bluetooth: Bluetooth with sound gain connectivity to smart device

Style: TWS style, bean style, earhook style, RIC style, neckband style

Fitting: one-size-fits-all

Self-fitting with an app

Professional fitting through telephone

Hearing Loss level: mild, moderate, severe

Channel: 16 channel, 32 channel

Noise Reduction: 3 scenes, 6 scenes, customizable scenes

High Quality Hearing Experience 

Based on the LyraOS computing platform, our AI+ sound signal processing algorithms and fitting prescription had been proved by 200000+ users. With the inergration of algorithms and acoustic structure, Lyratone are able to provide high-quality hearing experience for our consumer.

Medical Certification Service

Lyratone offers certification consultation for FDA and RegisterationCertificate for Medical Device of China, in order to help our client accelerating the process and bring our client a quick start to the hearing health category.

Guaranteed Quality and Lead-time range

As a reliable solution provider, Lyratone have complete manage system, product test process and well-managed supply chain. Our products hold a guaranteed quality, after-sale service and lead-time range.

Become a Quick Starter

Lyratone are happy to help our client in reducing upfront investment and enrich the product line and meet market demand in a short period of time.