Hearing Aid

Algorithms Solution

Lyra OS Trinity hearing platform is based on the idea of software-defined hearing. Combining Lyratone AI hearing algorithms and 12nm high performance computing chip, this hearing platform achieve a high-definition listening experience.

Algorithm Platform Architecture

LyraOS hearing computing platform adopts a new architecture that integrates cloud layer, internet application layer and embedded application layer. Decoupling software and hardware, we can develop new products according to customer needs in a short period of time.

Algorithm and Software

Hearing Algorithm: 32-64 channel WDRC, AI denoise, Howling suppression, Echo cancellation, direction... ...

Audiometry: pure tone audiometry, warble tone audiometry, smartphone audiometry, headphone audiometry

Fitting: self-fitting app, remote professional fitting software


Bluetooth: Bluetooth with sound gain connectivity to smart device.

Sound Gain: Up to 45dB, meet the needs of serve hearing-impaired users.

Channel: Self-R&D WDRC, with the choice of 8, 16, 32 channel, cater to different needs.

Dual Depth Denoise: Noise reduction amplitude up to 12dB.

AI Denoise:Great number of of algorithm parameters increase comparing to traditional noise reduction, bringing out a new hearing experience.

Fitting: Self-fitting app and remote professional fitting software, ready for all kinds of hearing service mode.

LyraOS Application Scenario

Hearing aids

Lyratone B2 hearing aids, RIC style hearing aids, neckband hearing aids

Hearing buds

Products collaborated with xiaomi and huawei


Self-screening app, Hearing screening app

Hearing assistance app

Lyratone, Hearing Aid via Al

Applied Chips

●BES 2500/2700

●Actions Bluetooth Audio SoC

●Qualcomm 51xx series